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LSSA has 10 committees dedicated to completing initiatives and living up to our mission to impact the LS community. Learn more about our faculty and administration liaison committee (LS-SACC).



LSSA is a student-led organization focused on community growth between faculty and the student body as well as increasing opportunities for life sciences students at UCLA. Click below to learn more about our events and outreach programs.

Core Curriculum


The Life Sciences core curriculum is designed to give every student a strong uniform foundation for their academic career. The broad range of courses takes approximately two years to complete.



Because LS courses are so varied, it can be hard to find resources tailored to each class. Here, we've compiled resources for core courses in one convenient place. Print out some notes, grab a coffee from Kerckhoff and start studying!


The Life Sciences Student Association is an innovative, collaborative and inclusive community that provides UCLA Life Sciences students with resources, opportunities, and, most importantly, a voice in their education. Our nine committees are powerhouses that aim to impact all facets of an LS student’s experience, from research to programming to curriculum and professional/ career development. We enable students to best utilize their undergraduate experience in order to prepare them to make an impact in interdisciplinary life sciences careers, and not just traditional career paths.


Above all, we strive to provide all students with a community.

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