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What is LS-SACC?

LS-SACC is a committee of UCLA Life Sciences students who have been appointed by the President of LSSA and the Chair of the Life Sciences Core to serve an advisory role to the LS Core faculty and administration.

What is LS-SACC's history?

LS-SACC was founded in the Spring of 2018 in response to student concerns and in order to give student a larger voice in their education. You can read a Daily Bruin article on us here! After the Life​ Sciences Student Association was established, in order to better implement the ideas and projects that came out of LS-SACC meetings and to have a greater impact on the LS community, LS-SACC was absorbed by LSSA and is now one of the 9 committees in LSSA.

What does LS-SACC do?

LS-SACC hosts quarterly meetings with LS Core administrators and faculty in order to provide feedback on the life sciences student perspective. LS-SACC members take ideas from those meetings and utilize the other committees in LSSA to spearhead initiatives and create positive change at UCLA. In fact, LSSA was an initiative of LS-SACC (and then LS-SACC was merged under LSSA.) 

Sounds cool, how can I join?

Most LS-SACC members are active LSSA members (so get involved in LSSA first!), but spots are always held for any UCLA LS student. Recruitment takes place in late in the winter quarter. LSSA manages student membership on LS-SACC.