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About LSSA


LSSA was established in Fall of 2018. Its predecessor was LS-SACC, or the Life Sciences Core Student Advisory and Communications Committee (which was established in Spring 2018). Even though LS-SACC was so new itself, the committee members and leadership of LS-SACC found that they were too small to really make an impact with all of the facets of an LS student's experience. As a result, the LS-SACC Chair at that time decided to create the Life Sciences Student Association so that more students could take part in making an impact in the lives of their fellow peers. LSSA absorbed LS-SACC as a committee and over the course of the Fall 2019 Quarter added 5 new committees.

Member Benefits

  1. Exclusive access to our Opportunities List-Serv, which combines information from over 20 different sources;

  2. Academic resources such as four year plans and mentorship;

  3. Career and professional development events, from workshops on how to tailor a resume for research positions to business-health case workshops;

  4. Opportunities to explore equity and social justice issues in health and medicine; 

  5. A platform to explore novel ideas and projects;

  6. Access to information on current life sciences research and lab recruitment;

  7. Ability to connect with professors in informal settings such as panel events;

  8. The chance to provide feedback directly to LS faculty and administration (through LS-SACC);

  9. Opportunities to develop your leadership skills and gain experience by serving on the LSSA Board;

  10. A community.


The Life Sciences Student Association is an innovative, collaborative and inclusive community that provides UCLA Life Sciences students with resources, opportunities, and, most importantly, a voice in their education. Our nine committees are powerhouses that aim to impact all facets of a LS student’s experience, from research to programming to curriculum and professional/ career development. We enable students to best utilize their undergraduate experience in order to prepare them to make an impact in interdisciplinary life sciences careers, and not just traditional career paths.


Above all, we strive to provide all students with a community.