LSSA accomplishes its goals through the use of committees: the Life Sciences Student Advisory and Communications Committee; Communications, Curriculum, Programming, Internal Education & Affairs, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion, Research, Career/Professional Development, Special Projects, and Finance committees. Learn more about our 10 committees by scrolling through down this page!


Life Sciences Student Advisory & Communications Committee

The Life Sciences Student Advisory and Communications Committee (LS-SACC) is an appointed group of LSSA students representing the common interests of all LS majors and LSSA as a whole. Members in this committee work directly with the LS Core administration and faculty members to provide feedback and improve the overall LS experience. Some notable accomplishments of LS-SACC include aiding in the development of videos to describe the purpose of LS23L CPR assignments as well as discovering new ways to mitigate exam conflicts.


Communications Committee

The Communications Committee aids in the creation of novel methods to connect life science students with the various resources offered by both UCLA and LSSA. Coordinating with both the Marketing and Graphics committees, Communications helps to publicize LSSA events and LS-Core policies via the website and social media updates. The committee’s goal is to increase the dissemination of LSSA’s current and future work. One project undertaken by committee is the formation of the LSSA ListServ which collects and disburses relevant opportunities for LS students.


Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee is responsible for the construction of surveys and subsequent analysis of student feedback to find methods of improvement for the LS Core administration. Working in close association with LS-SACC, the committee helps to increase resource availability and accessibility for all students. Some past project undertaken by the curriculum include the formation of four-year graduation plans and common post-graduate pathways for all LS majors.


Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee

The Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) committee is an essential committee that promotes equitable access to resources and opportunities. EDI establishes a safe platform for all student voices to be heard and encourages continued civil discourse, equal representation, collaboration, and increased inclusivity between all. Past undertakings by the EDI committee include hosting EDI workshops and presentations to share their message.


Programming Committee

The Programming Committee is responsible for planning, organizing, and overseeing the execution of LSSA events and outreach programs on campus. From connecting students with LS faculty to educating students on how best to present themselves, programming helps to bring UCLA students together. Some past projects undertaken by the committee include the Professor Round-Table and Resume Workshop. Check out our Facebook to see upcoming events.


Outreach Committee

The Outreach Committee works to connect LSSA and LS students with the UCLA and Los Angeles community. Currently, the Outreach Committee is organizing and planning the FLIGHT (First-Generation Low Income Graduate/Healthcare Track) Conference. This conference intends to promote diversity in healthcare by providing invaluable resources for students to succeed in their career endeavors.


Research Committee

The Research Committee works to increase and promote access to research opportunities for all LS students. Collaborating with the Professional Development Committee, they create options for students to network, learn, and gain further insight on pertinent research topics. One past project of the committee was co-hosting a student research night in which undergraduates could see seek research positions and connections with available Principal investigators.


Professional and Career Development Committee

The Professional and Career Development Committee plays an essential role in helping LS students develop themselves in a professional manner. From providing professional development workshops to finding career guidance for those interested, the committee helps to broaden the minds of students. Additionally, the committee helps individuals find resources related to “alternative” career paths in the life science fields that do not pertain to the traditional pre-med path, such as PhD, MBA, MPH, etc.


Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for securing funding for all events, projects, and supplies, making it a crucial component of LSSA’s operations and overall success. The committee is comprised of liaisons from Programing, PCD, Research, and EDI, as well as members dedicated solely to the responsibilities of the Finance Committee, which include applying to funding bodies, tracking the progress of applications, and acquiring funds.