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please read carefully:

a letter from the recruitment committee

Congratulations, again!

We greatly appreciated your ideas and vision for LSSA and are excited to have you on board for this upcoming year. On the next page (click the arrow), there is a table outlining your specific role. If you wish to decline your offer, please reply to the email you received indicating your desire to do so. If you will be accepting your position, the next few slides detail some action items that must be completed by Date and Time. Failure to complete the action items will result in removal from your position. For board positions and committee positions, please note that there were many applicants and you were the person selected for the role. Take pride in your new position and your ability to create an impact for Life Sciences students and recognize that exceptional performance will be expected.

If you read through the slides and have any remaining questions, please email for a prompt response.

Thank you for reading this short blurb!

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