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recruitment packet:

open positions

Director of Finance

Desired Experiences: Previous on-campus event programming experience; knowledge and familiarity with UCLA funding pools; managing people/students

Director of Professional and Career


Desired Experiences: Not Pre-Med; Considering using LS Degree for a career in Business/MPH/MBA/etc. Must have good knowledge of their desired field and the ability to work collaboratively to host events

Director of Marketing

Desired Experiences: Experience designing graphic; moderate knowledge of Adobe Photoshop/ Illustrator/ or other design software as well as Canva

Director of Research

Desired Experiences: Active with research lab on campus or part of a research organization in addition to having taken a research journal class before

Director of Special Projects

Desired Experiences: Have a solid idea and game plan as well as initiative

Director of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Desired Experiences: Advocacy/community engagement, previous work on retention issues for disadvantaged students; advocacy and awareness projects on UCLA campus, strong community ties

Director of the LSSA Fellowship Program

Desired Experiences: Previous experience mentoring multiple people and leading others

Positions Only Open to Current Members:

Director of Curriculum Improvement

Director of Programming

Current members should contact the President for more information regarding these positions.